21 February 2013

Bizarre Sense

If only you knew what made bizarre
sense afore machinations of fate let
the cat out of the bag; you’re well on
the way to where it can’t matter so
why give it nonsense space to breed
more – you’ve had of it all you ever
need; altho’ th’ beat goes on free ‘n
easy, maybe

Yet a queued farce of traffic banked
ten kilometres back because of that
horrendous vehicle accident advises
you’d better believe it, so you’re on
the money because a plan made for
multiple redundancies came to pass

Truth’s you’d backed instinct against
rationality as you knew it’d hurt too
much to miss the plane under those
circumstances, & it nearly happened
to piss everyone off, yet th’ beat did
go on so steady and cool

Grandkids greetings make uncommon
commonsense, you’re back in familial
embrace, tranced by a crazy decision
to wait two extra hours in the airport
lounge, despite being played for the
convenience of a fool

Travelling cheap grants room for odd
contingencies & to be caught en route
for an hour in a traffic jam makes it
reasonable; to say I’m relieved might
be too worldly – altho’ I can say I’m
verily pleased that I came
© 22 January 2013, I. D. Carswell