14 February 2013

Grievous Learning



It’s a grievous learning, there’s no easy
dieting from an extraneous simulation
unless you are prepared to chill-out in a
hyperbaric quiet. Oh yeah, you say, like
where you were before the Godfather’s
gift changed things; it wasn’t pressure
back then but strained or strange looks
and you learned to handle them easily

This is more a conscience matter – a
decision you make just how much of
today’s superfluous sound pervades a
tinnitus din – welcoming anarchy with
downsides as distracting as evidence
of your own relentless breathing

Every occasion exists inside the ears,
not sounds anonymously located ‘out
there’ as a resonance but an invasive
imposition, an unruly presence which
dislocates how you like to think of or
be yourself or stay free to disagree
© 11 January 2013, I. D. Carswell