28 March 2013

Immiscible Ends



Is it a ‘holier than thou’ conceit which turns me
away, or a more fundamental cringe – are they
for real? Who’d gift autonomy to such an odious
clique of byzantine neuroses – bar their rhetoric
nothing has that literal meaning; it is an oratory
nonsense retrenched in defunct history, they’re
‘sages’ freed to interpret as they will, owners of
an unnatural, self-referenced hegemony

We all need to be educated by more than one
tome; was it writ in a time of ancient truth – so
be it read – using no purposed agony therein to
harm. Understanding who we are means more
than an offer of immunity on past sins assayed
– or their freedom to pursue immiscible ends
© 25 February 2013, I. D. Carswell