26 March 2013

No Way, José



Not in the mildest sense dependent on it – and
un-phased the thing went absent without leave;
accepted it a challenge rather than affront, and
it was initially, until the real rumble started

Nothing wanted to play ball, even three system
restores failed to quiet demon conspiracies – or
placate a guess they hid balefully in view; & so
just what do you do to identify the enemy?

Seeing the mess of your own misconceptions is
a better place for that than authoring perverse
condemnations on who is at fault, and a whole
lot more insightful in this situation

‘Enemy’ is an egoistic ‘nerdy-sense’ almanac
claimed to be all one needs on ‘god’s word’ &
with all fripperies attached so you can make
like you’ve that individualistic flair evident

And there miscreants lie, blanket-wrapped in a
shawl of ego trappings adding nothing but their
droppings to dross of multiple redundancies –
yeah really, a perceptibly huge over-kill

So when a ‘system’ jerks its responsible knee
automatically, tries to update a bizarre mess it
fails. No kidding you say – so what! There’s no
need to go feral and shut everything down

Unless the graphic way to gain your attention is
to say, so ten different toolbar add-ons is
status quo – yet you exclusively use one only &
expect me to compensate – no way, José
© 24 January 2013, I. D. Carswell