11 April 2013

Logic Of This State (rev)



Marking time in pencil strokes across a virgin page,
awaiting a coincidence in heart-beat and second-
hand, keyed to circuitry rephrasing passing time;
visionary states of grace do not deluge, stupefy a
conscience mounting blame, prescience could ease
the wait, melt a phlegm of apprehension clotting
membranes in the mind.

Guileless flirting with all consequence is double
jeopardy, but pensive pleasures thrill the senses,
dull the pain of future wounds as self-indulgence
soothes the same away. Sensations which dispose
tumescence drown the psyche in a viscous spate,
arousing urges out of circumstance; no relief from
anguish, even pain anticipated heightens senses
in disdain.

Tautologies are offered as response to queries
never asked in tactful, secretive connivance after
motives very evident and equally unmasked.
It is decision’s razor – slashing with discretion
every way one turns with precedent precise and
measured; covert wounds sap vitality conspired,
traumatise each act of mute consent, inaction is
not ominous, paralysis invites survival of the spirit
without an end in sight.

With waiting time suspended in hiatus, ambient
diffusion breaks the drought of quiet and wordless
animation, and then a breathless calm with no
temporal end to blight its claim to muzzled grace
invades the logic of this state.
© I.D. Carswell