07 May 2013

Gee Whiz



Not amused, just slight chagrin [ '∫ægrin,
∫ə'grin ], i.e., annoyed, irked, peeved, but
it’ll pass; this commentary’s supposedly a
‘Les Walters’ smartass bit of journalism in
its dialect, don’t ask, hawing at us cursing
foreigners too easily scoring our ‘sacred
Aussies only’ jobs – which they do easily.
It’s all about accuracy and speed to whit

Its writer cites a foreign-born comedian as
ventriloquist’s dummy or stool pigeon in a
pathos of flippancy where we’re flung into
time-honoured burlesques too pathetic to
be real except in cynical humour dressed
as our national character – oh, gee whiz
© 8 April 2013, I. D. Carswell