22 May 2013

Indecorous Grace


Railing at institutional incompetence isn’t a
gauge of wit unless it is to
abuse, admonish,
or berate, and having aired that lot, lay
blame, castigate, censure, chide, criticize,
lambaste; the blank looks received suggest
you may need to
lecture, give a talking to, or
lay down the law
, even
denigrate, disparage
denounce while still staying ahead of it

Then comes the notion to rake over the coals
along with intent to reprove,
reproach, ream,
reprimand, scorn, tongue-lash, vilify
, maybe
vituperate a bit about how better things in a
world would be if these ineffectual imbeciles
didn’t grandstand themselves

You see it isn’t working by the way they are
thumbing through Thesauri with amaze that
so many words expressly describe treatment
appropriate for their ailments; shaking your
head is the most sensible modus of exit and
you do so with indecorous grace
© 30 April 2013, I. D. Carswell