12 May 2013

Something Simple


Making an issue of something simple as A B C
isn’t exactly out of this World when the letters
you see are ∑ ∂ ₭, or maybe I got that wrong
and we’re not heeding anything except vivid
imaginations; if I’m headed down a path that
suggests revelation isn’t at least ‘ooh ah-hah’
away perhaps we should wait a bit. There’s a
big gap between responding to a question as

Verbal cues suggests you must, and actually
understanding what to say. The Lawyer in me
asks, ‘Just what do you mean’ and I respond –
It is best not for me to say – and frankly if I
did I’d most likely be putting the exact words
I want to hear into your mouths

© 19 April 2013, I. D. Carswell