30 May 2013

The Voice


Ah, the subtlety of the man – a delicate stance
disguised as choleric sufferance for idiots even
more obvious than he, but there’s our Barnaby
leading th’ way with rustic sophistication, which
he expertly mangles with an elaborate delicacy

He claims to be the ‘voice’ of Queensland in an
honoured and offbeat way playing stereotypes;
geeze, who’s kiddin’ who, Barnaby Joyce, rube
for sure but an Oscar nomination? No way. Its
a bit too wearing on the ear

Allowed a modicum of free-reign as a Senator
he intends standing for the General Assembly;
can’t see how he’d take to being controlled by
his peers in a constituency role, or moderated
in behaviour by answering to his electorate

That’s not the bloke we know mate. But it’s in
New England, NSW for crissakes, no worries –
they’ll lap him up ‘til they find he’s hot air full
of poo about as dreary in a frost as wearing a
pair of disdainfully wet socks
© 9 May 2013, I. D. Carswell