14 May 2013

Thinking Straight



Another of those dirty little ‘secrets’ – we’d be well
within our carbon reduction ambit had we reduced
immigration; seems theatrically blasé and drear so
soon after our first debate to make the observation,
but worse is to come, there isn’t an honest enough
Canberra politician to agree. Their security’s based
on population growth, if natural birth rate won’t do
it then it’s over to an immigration panacea

So if you wonder why annual population growth is
OECD’s highest don’t fall for their ‘larger families
explanation; as long as there’s an increase of 1.7%
per annum for political (& economic) security, you
won’t likely see a change in debate. Demographics
only say ZPG is dead for ‘affluent’ minorities

A claim we will have 40 million people here within
20 years isn’t hard to equate, but it’ll be damned
difficult to brake current carbon emissions enough
to provide a stable living environment; of 23m we
have already you’d like to think a few could see it
as a lay down misère without a future in it

What we need is a debate on political expediency
equating failure to decrease carbon release to an
equally balanced reduction in representation – be
rid a politician a year as analogous to greenhouse
gas target reductions a megaton each, initially
at least until they can think straight
© 23 April 2013, I. D. Carswell