12 June 2013

Saturday Waiting



Like being in that niche coming after
chores and before rewards get a say
in the next set of activities – & in this
case live ‘footy’ is the key to promote
understanding; sure your blank looks
suggest the plot’s lost & never was a
football fan besotted in AFL or soccer
or a dedicated Rugby League tragic

But it’s Rugby he breathes, the origin
of ALL oval ball games; y’ know its th’
only one they play in Heaven f’ god’s
sake – how’d y’ lose that as the plot?
So you mean Union you pontificate &
watch his eyes glaze

Crikey, he says, y’ think if I’d found a
few more dishes t’ wash, mopped th’
floor n’ swept the porch it’d be closer
t’ kickoff? No? Whatdya mean it’s only
eleven o’clock; come on, is Saturday
always th’ slowest day of th’ week?
© 18 May 2013, I. D. Carswell