24 July 2013

Not Like Taking A Break



When you’re spanned in-between grand
endeavour and needing space – maybe
to regenerate flagging energy, taking a
break is sentience of piquant relief

There’s sense of peace, equanimity in a
glass sort of thing while your relocation
progresses – and at the end you’re new
blooded again – yes, still truly keen

But it isn’t instantaneous. It takes time
to bless the blood flow, to catch breath
in other than gasping pants grasping at
an assiduity of volumetric competence

And the panic recedes into fibrillations
afterglow of pulse slowing – there’s an
overview purer than any critique affably
warming your toes could ever be

Then you know why you strive – clean
and simple it’s to be alive; recognise a
fellow artisan you say facetiously, as if
it has universal meaning –

Today I need a break, even if it is from
a spate of non-achievement; there’s no
irony intended, took insightful thinking
to avoid too focused engagement

And avoiding things to my amazement
takes as much energy as engaging full
on, playing along with in-motion deals,
wearing a strained participant’s face

But hey, already two poems today, the
fire’s glowing sweetly with a fuel supply
sufficient to see this Winter’s complete
non-intrusion into evening’s events
© 18 July 2013, I. D. Carswell