16 July 2013

Sad Farewell



Some days are diamonds, some days are stoned
past recognition by outmoded events cloned thru
idiocy – such was today; and no excuse makes it
explicable, not in a way including brains working
properly. A common denominator of misanthropy
raised the ante where previously none was ever
laid. We played adversaries defending character
against innuendo assumed truly from valid roots –

it wasn’t; like a bucolic cameo in role-playing we
pit rustic pride against common sense, defended
anxious depths as the allegedly falsely accused,
argued a two-headed monster with many faces
lied first place, landed us in a quandary of being
damned for appraising too faithful and true

And so it was – there is no canine way to make
sense of it, the two innocents still gaze at us with
love and trust for caring covenants they infringe
simply by being here; but they are not ours, we
say aware the Law doesn’t care, knowing they’ll
fix upon any means to lay a blame

So it came to be Chico and Jeddah are restrained,
caged and taken away, the Law obtusely content
it has reacted properly to an incident which never
occasioned anything but malcontents prejudices –
as intermediaries we’re only free to gesticulate, a
sad way indeed to say farewell
© 9 July 2013, I. D. Carswell

Chico & Jeddah were two pig dogs who found what
they considered to be a sanctuary at our farm.

They spent their time mostly sleeping agreeably tho
Chico did wander a bit. Their owner thought it was
great as he didn’t have to supervise them too much
between hunts. In the event complaints were laid
such we were accused of being perpetrators of evil
things these dogs were alleged to do.

While I don’t disagree with how the Law is phrased it
makes mockery of accusers claims to being just and
innocent of their own animals philandering...