18 July 2013

Teary-Weary Cerulean



Supposing 83,813 avid fans at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium
justifies the League’s reprehensible plan to stage only
one home game in Queensland, even though it mocks
State of Origin history; & while it’s to be seen in light
of the largest series attendance ever – 215,883, there
isn’t a ‘traditional’ confirmation on the one hand while
accounting avarice clearly touts bums on seats better
measure of what this ‘Origin’ contest is really about

Qld Maroons beat the Blues again despite the devious
Sydney NRL hegemony’s conspired plot – and not the
first such by its pits of league infamy; it seems where
you originate makes you what inspires fans in myriads
flock to see you in your humiliation – oy vey, so that’s
what explains Blues wearing teary-weary cerulean
© 18 July 2013, I. D. Carswell