06 August 2013

7 Sep Election



Letting it bother me is supposed to
be a minor evil improved, certainly
over feeling need to bludgeon the
progenitors fee into headless pulp

But doing nothing except sicken on
the inside culpably regresses gains
we try to make into victory wreaths
for civilised, exemplary behaviour

Yet it’s an election year and hence
standards sink beneath waistlines
of crassly inflated boorishness, an
affectation of ‘yea’ electioneering

Mark that all contestants similarly
address great incivility and a few
in particular exceed, but then their
egregious egos predestined that

John ‘Tony’ Abbott plans ending a
mad era of Labor pains with NLP’s
Howard nonsense years again, so
hey backward view in future age!

Greens see nothing to do but stop
anyone generating too much gas
and indiscretions about who they
pay their shaky allegiance to

But the geezer who bothers most
is treasurer wannabe, one Joseph
Benedict ‘Joe’ Hockey, member for
North Sydney and ego supremo

Nothing beats Joe on th’ hustings,
he’s indiscrete, seldom right and
a loose goose in a nuthouse with
a loaded canon or two attached

Seems just the right sort of guy
to shock us into the present – if
we can get away from Twitter or
Facebook long enough to vote!
© 6 August 2013, I. D. Carswell