16 August 2013

Mediocre By-Lines (rev)



For want of a name let’s call ‘em
Fats 1 & 2, et al, on account of lame
comments they leave to mark their
parsing of just posted poetry.
is lent here to mark fatuous words
bent as their by-lines to mediocrity.

The exemplars of outrageous phrases
spread with gushing exclamations &
alliterative punctuation are offered
anonymously; it seems to differentiate
browsing intent of Fats 1 & 2, et al,
from the mundane readership.

That is not to say such commentary is
unwelcome! Heaven forbid, it’s better
to bathe copiously in sudsy admiration
with soap in hand than spit sand from
an unrepentant dessert of arid and
chronically suds-less observations.

Welcome my friends. If Fats be your
name, I too am here to please. Feel
free to leave your glowing praise, it’s
what I need to placate my poetic
ego. I wrote this for you to respond to
– so I can see your real name.
© I.D. Carswell 2007-01-25