08 August 2013

Steak Night



Woodford Pub, 6 pm on a Wednesday – the
locals know the go; its steak night mate, y’
won’t get a better plate of tucker anywhere
close. They come in their mid-week duds for
a beer with their kids skate-board riding on
the sidewalks & raising a hullaballoo among
tables booked Tuesday, bit of a fanfare but
that’s the way it is in this country village

Its good fare, huge steaks served with salad
and chips with wine a bit overpriced for the
sake of pretty sipping in a pub where beer’s
de rigueur, tho no-one bothers to comment;
there’s camaraderie in rump steak and that
makes for a whole lot less ostentation
© 8 August 2013, I. D. Carswell