21 September 2013


If you find it frustrating, its real, that’s to say 
seen and felt - not imagined; you wake and 
its still here like aberrancy swept up into an 
odious pile where it can be seen by all like-
mindedly frangible, meaning a few, morally 
absent, but ‘sensitiveness’ sharing souls who 
won’t be a consensus this time, 
implying it would seem like insurrection 

So you live crying with it & denying its origin 
in real-time and make it even more real; its 
got a handle on your emotions already and 
tells you that you are its source - we’re in it 
together this frustration says because your 
intransigence makes it impossible to leave 

You take it as earned criticism & slyly look
back on events, find advents only, severe 
disaffection decrying - “so why me?” Been 
there and moved on you sigh, didn’t like it; 
so how do I get a leave pass? Learn who 
matters now is the scope of your task 
© 13 September 2013, I. D. Carswell