04 September 2013

What’s Cookin’

Hard t’ say why the scene’s gone blink, had it
sorted okay until a few minutes ago – maybe
too seemly I think, like an aberration about to
dispose itself; too much of a coincidence for
things to gel so easy when you’ve started the
day already shivered with foreboding – like a
dour sense of impending shit about to hit the
fan, or a silently swinging boot up the jacksy;

First up my not-too-faithful laptop PC excretes
on me – expressive beast as it is this is hardly
a demonstration which wouldn’t be termed an
act of outright anarchy; you’re not thought to
be sentient I say admonishing it severely, but
a wasted protest as it plays its own game –

Then speculative figuring on how long it takes
the pump to refill tanks disintegrates; rising at
5 am to check suggests you’re way-off with a
view to stopping it before daytime rates apply:
okay, I can wait, and regarding whether there
is another way to fill in time wisely – forget it!

So here we are at 9:15 am – and having had
to re-effect time zone designation caused by
a system repair anomaly find I’ve gained an
hour before I knew I’d even lost one – gee, I
am so glad it wasn’t 24 hours or something
as catastrophically manic as that

© 27 August 2013, I. D. Carswell