16 October 2013

Bikey Wars

Regardless whether it is great public relations 
or threat statements implied beggaring advent 
of coppers busting bikey gangs it won’t make 
much of a difference; the Finks sworn enemy, 
Bandidos, vie with Comanchero, Hells Angels 
and Rebels, and that’s just the beginning, all 
with chapters literally spanning the nation. 

The agenda reeks sensationalism evident in a 
new regime’s obvious intent to make a splash. 
Sadly, there’s been coppers who’ve died by a 
bikey’s hand committing a crime, but to literally 
spare no expense headline grabbing for what 
in the event is cause of but minor percentages  
in violently gang ‘organised’ crime baffles 

Legislation proposed is defended as being a 
necessary curtailment of democratic freedom 
on basis of unspecified connections between 
organised crime and gangs with allegiance to 
chapters overseas; it already makes mockery 
of such Police procedures being routine and 
emphatically in the public’s best interest 

So we’ve an intention to create a special unit 
dedicated to bikey wars with a Tax Office link 
that stinks, seems worse than admitting their 
way to stop a war is to spend more than the 
‘enemy’, yet if space we live in is to be safer 
haven because Police resources target these 
criminal bikey gangs we’ll be relieved, but 

You don’t ride free on a motorcycle anyway, 
you know coppers are already ‘colour’ blind 
© 11 October 2013, I. D. Carswell