18 October 2013

Caring Concern

You could call it ‘one of those days’ had you 
a mind to labeling; two dogs gone missing - 
and one of whom’s still out and about with 
identical proclivities; no doubt Mango Hill’s 
an allure that draws ‘em in. While Dusty’s 
home-boy after his 4am excursion Podge 
wants to even the score, haven’t seen him 
since early day-break - that’s well before 

Dusty arrived home on back of neighbour’s 
Ute grinning like he’d won the jackpot. He’s 
a great pet they say, despite a ‘hunters inc’ 
breeding he just wants to play. Open doors 
are an invitation and he wanders in to pass 
friendliest greetings like a long lost friend 

Choosing to be a good neighbour, you say 
he’s a self-invited guest here too - blew in 
from over the road where he couldn’t find 
company he likes to keep, so - well we’re 
minding him; there’s histories of dogs with 
dysfunctional humans, not that we’re

Telling tales or making bad jokes - but his 
human’s barely trained; Dusty looks a mite
askance. Can’t guess what you just meant 
by observing that, really he’s a lovely boy 
who hasn’t had opportunities to grow into 
his caring concerns for a dog like me 
© 1 October 2013, I. D. Carswell

The continuing saga of Mt Beerwah Avocados dogs’  
association with our excellent Mango Hill ‘Farm Stay’  
neighbours. Pity we can't share similar rapport with 
a significant and anonymous few others 
in the neighbourhood