14 October 2013

Culpably Naive

Whether remaking the bed at 2am or faking concern 
that it isn’t as big a deal as it should seem, there’s a 
wit of intrigue still lurking. Bit like politely eating the 
dubious offering hoping good manners pay rewards 
disproportionate to discomfort imagined and finding 
a vague pleasure, one you aren’t shaming, & you’re 
cleft where you’d normally be standing free - what’s 
exactly going on then you may well ask, ill at ease 

The uninvited guest stayed out last night - damn it, 
the dog’s not our duty of care, not in a sense we’d 
necessarily find offensive or let moral umbrage out 
of a can of worms; there’s no guarantee he sees a 
case for concern, he’s free to come and go, and to 
wound hearts of his own culpable naivety 
© 28 September 2013, I. D. Carswell 

The young pig-hunting dog who decided he had found a home here 
managed to make a mockery of everyone's concerns. He has since 
been relocated and hopefully will settle down - he is a heartbreaker 
of magnificent proportions