07 October 2013

Printing Money

If it was time wasted it didn’t seem that way - the 
challenges raised more energy than they meekly 
drained in an engrossment ending about midday 

Wasn’t a ‘get thee hindmost’ case of malediction, 
just a chance to effect magical wireless connects 
in a rarely presented ‘plug and play’ occasion 

And lessons appropriately learned along the way 
saw respect grow for what is best seen as clever 
technology without seemly dilettante arrogance 

Yep, got it all to work - even queuing print jobs to 
a Mac network from a Microsoft PC; you ‘bewdy’ 
beams broadcasting a smile in opulent 4G 

The Macs see there’s a printer attached where a 
blank used to be, nothing appeared except ‘peer-
to-peer’ back in the bad old days of yesteryear 

Now we play seamlessly with network integration 
which came formerly at more than a day’s wages, 
though one may have to rethink on we’ve got  

When you place perspective in money you see 
greater functionality trades as increased cost and 
print cartridges’ll byte n’ swallow a lot of that!
© 24 September 2013, I. D. Carswell