20 November 2013

Slap Of The Waves

Realising the advent of headaches beginning, 
cringing behind the scenes when they are not 
meant to be has a serious consequence; they 
aren’t random events, trials by ordeal or even
tethered complicity of hearing aids perverting 
duplicity with godlike ease - damn things are 
palliative relief not auguries of consequence, 
nor harbingers to frailty

Had there been sleep-lack confounded with 
irrationally strong drink binges - maybe - or a 
juvenile fantasy of self-destructive behaviour,  
but we’ve been modest since those days; so 
where’s the connectivity? It answers saying, 
This wont please you, rationally, in the least 

The beast at back of it is serendipity, meant 
as a happy event, and elaborations of sound 
where more impeaches luxurious freedom to 
bathe peacefully; a life-guard confined to the 
beach with caution’s flag in winds of change, 
hearing a ceaseless slap of the waves 

© 8 November 2013, I. D. Carswell