11 November 2013

The Mirror

Having avoided the case with fractious denial 
it existed in the first place - you’re facing their 
contemptuous mirror now; isn’t a duty of mine 
you start to say, peering cautiously with what 
you hope is demonstrably etched disinterest - 
of course it isn’t they agree - there’s no onus 
on you, but you came to see a vision of what  
will be if there was, didn’t you 

While that is also true it isn’t a guilty plea - so 
you demur - I came to look in your mirror with 
hope it might clear up exactly who isn’t author 
of this farce - I know it wasn’t supposed to be 
innocence ascribed by hierarchical proof until 
or unless otherwise reflected in the glass 

Then who do you see in the mirror they ask - 

© 31 October 2013, I. D. Carswell