17 December 2013

Animate Silence

T’was half a game that rules were changed 
because a side was being trashed, no logic 
in explanation or reasoning; plain enough to 
see supposedly for what it was - and in the 
event an attempt which failed. So, let’s call 
them ‘Red’ & ‘Blue’ teams. At 30 minutes in 
the bad Blues are packing a sad, penalised 
into a ‘non comprendre’ inch of their lives 

There’s animated-arm-waving consultation, 
ad-lib translations are provided on the fly in 
‘spirit-of-the-game’ tradition and we’re soon 
underway again. Now it seems ‘bad’ Blues 
were wrongly accused and rabid Reds are 
ramping fire against infrangible amnesty 

Rabid Reds smell a rat and raise stakes by 
escalating off-side play while match officials, 
unmoved, stay keenly policing physicality at 
breakdowns; no boots in rucks - and chaps, 
please stay on your feet, roll away if you’re 
off them, is their erstwhile entreaty 

You could say it was entertaining, certainly 
a contest up there with the best, and great 
examples of skill, teamwork and strengths 
of individuals in a battlefield of endeavour 
if you’re that naive - whilst you’re backing 
‘your’ team to still win at all costs 

Then there is me who sees through all this 
tawdry subterfuge, neither team needs that 
much latitudinal incentive to do whatever it 
was they were going to do anyway; but the 
UN of Referees has agreed to see things a 
little differently, so, given its fait accompli 

I do too - and watch the game at 2x speed. 
Amazingly all makes sense. Flow engages, 
breakdowns are less visual angst and more 
a rest from mad scampering, contests put 
into engaging continuity, but best by far is 
its congenially animate silence

© 18 November 2013, I. D. Carswell