24 December 2013

Out West

Suggestin’ it isn’y a big deal forgets 
the last debacle - wind was from the 
west back then - ’tis northerly today, 
gusting unnaturally fierce vibrating t’ 
vent - there’s a growly whine t’ send 
y’ loony if’t penetrates when y’ trying 
to sleep - that, pretty much, was last 
night’s off-the-cuff story - but if she’s 

blowing out of t’ west we’ll prudently 
take cover, block ears n’ hope f’ th’ 
best ‘cause that’s when t’ vent died 
screaming, a death y’ could feel in t’ 
bones o’ y’ dreams. T’day’s breeze  
sighs northerly hymns but th’ storm 

we’re afeared is brewing - out west 

© 5 December 2013, I. D. Carswell