14 December 2013

Singular Success

Not a failed attempt although you’d disagree 
if gauging what had seemed a serious go at 
mowing around the dam; we came unstuck - 
little disagreement with a stump, and stalled 
dramatically. Weren’t going anywhere. Even 
Podge (the dog) looked doubtful - but he’s a 
sceptic born of seeing only chance as down-
turn effects of someone’s negligence 

Tried manual dislodgement first, bugger that 
says Podge, too hard, get the tractor ‘n we’ll 
tow th’ bastard off piece of piss; I like this - a 
sensible suggestion using lesser energy and 
only an uphill walk to effect. Coming with me 
I ask, hoping for his erudite company 

Nah is his reply - I’ll rest up in th’ shade here 
where its nice and cool; so the adage of only 
fools and horses applies and I slog up th’ hill 
find rope, bring down the tractor. Hey, it’d be 
a good idea to tow it back t’ the top of the hill 
mate, save you another long walk. It is said 

imbued with jocular irony. I’d usually baulk at 
such humour attempts but this one hits base, 
why not you agree, & sweet notions of failure 
sing harmony - there’s relief from calamitous 
events teased into possibility, heroics flower 
into this singular success 

© 20 November 2013, I. D. Carswell