22 December 2013

Spray Day

we nuked the house with bug spray - a can of 
juice each room, two in lounge, then ran away 

there’d been uneasy amnesty since the last 
incidence - November, more’n a year’s passed 

plenty of time for the enemy to gather & plan 
assaults on our compleat ignorance and apathy

summer is breathing gently in the wings again 
& time durst declare it be the right thing to do 

smell isn’t unpleasant but you wouldn’t want a 
lengthy stay; it spells doom quite dramatically 

now the air is refreshed, scent hinting lemons 
with maybe a spritzig of toasted almond in it 

no evidence yet of massive death toll it claims 
to perpetuate - I could miss that comfortably 

but we wont be waiting breath-baited - it’s an 
either/or case with neither course really safe 

© 4 December 2013, I. D. Carswell