02 February 2014


been the best season for mangoes in a while 
I believe, leastways our trees are laden; now 
were we from NE Queensland or NT we’d be 
grieving it seems, th’ poor dears have picked 
a mere 1.7m trays of their 4.5m for last year 

who’s complaining - our trees hadn’t any fruit 
on ‘em these past five years - so in SE QLD 
its a feast or a famine where you can bet on 
th’ feast continuing ’til the last delish mango 
disappears gratefully down the hatch 

meanwhile we’ll continue to see a bounty of 
turpentines drop by the tonne from massive 
roadside trees, & casually lie where they fell - 
seems birds don’t give have hoot in Hell for 
the irreverent scale of this arrant waste, but 

taste tells us we’re blessed with largesse 
such that it hardly seems to matter …  
© 17 January 2014, I. D. Carswell