09 May 2014

Nobles Oblige

Well hey, so you solved yesterdays problem with a 
sleight of hand gesture even you don’t understand; 
or do you - that sanctimonious grin suggests when 
all else fails - reboot the server, its worked before - 
and there we go. Live mail is back being an angel 
without a middle of the screen server error again - 
ID: 0x80048849 for the record: & you believe that 
only caused it having restored all defaults anyway 

Well suffice to say the network’s regained all of the 
blasé panache it used to have before this, or we’re 
wishing it into place - there’s real sense of purpose 
with speed apace with user’s raw needs again, and 
given that we’re all technically naive isn’t it obvious 
he’s already into grandstanding his nobles oblige 

© 20 March 2014, I. D. Carswell