14 June 2014

Hide And Seek

Whether a slow learner or merely pragmatic 
it would be hard to say - especially if neither 
fails as an apt descriptor of ways a decision 
is reached; lavishly proposed erudite theory 
usually impeaches itself in a sentence - and 
a week’s goodwill dyes hair parlously grey - 
however none wrings truth from a ‘bespoke’ 
brand of political excuse so freely declared 

And that’s where we’re standing, beneath a 
plagiarism of promises weaker than iceberg 
assurances the canopy is as watertight as a 
newly minted equity guarantee; no-one can 
loose if we all play hide-and-seek according 
to rules which we’ve yet to see… 

© 16 May 2014, I. D. Carswell