23 August 2014

Crimea Revisited

Regardless what you think Putin’s Crimea 
incursion isn’t all that unique - the Ukraine 
isn’t free of Russian influence any more’n 
sturgeons don’t produce eggs collectively 
called caviar; not that you’d agree there’d 
ever be ‘connections’ between Black Sea 
& Caspian products a-gracing your palate 
without you claiming to know about ‘em 

But then Black Sea’s access to what we’d 
like to think of as ‘our’ body of water - The 
Mediterranean, has that ageless mystique 
dating from the very inception of maritime  
history - even Muscovites know it as well 
as does any other classical European 

So if Ukraine ever gets its poop together, 
and it won’t be easy, all Ukrainians don’t 
necessarily agree with their government 
about NATO, or EC - then Vladimir’s got 
fair gripes about that escrows influence 
and what might be free sturgeon’s roe… 

© 31 July 2014, I. D. Carswell