10 August 2014

‘Stralia All Over

It’s either th’ bloody Cockatoo raid or Macca’s 
ABC radio morning show - ‘Australia All Over’ 
that got me goin’ agh; - y’d never mistake Ian
McNamara’s ‘off-the-cuff’ style being ‘typically’ 
Australian until hearin’ the phone contributor’s 
tête-à-têtes of Gidday Macca, yeah ‘I’ve been 
every where’ mate, n’ I’m movin’ on today coz 
there’s free bloody beer t’ be had somewhere 

While th’ cockatoos’ raucous hullabaloo’ll fade 
this informal caucus of governing opinions on 
what and who is the real Australian continues 
to amaze - seems you’ve got to get a camper 
van n’ go see what you’re missing before the 
scene disappears - or y’ll bloody rue it mate 

To me they’re a bunch of Cockatoo campsite 
congregationalists moreso than those dinkey 
dies you meet in Sport’s Clubs bars n’ at the 
Footy games - where there’re other opinions 
than who’s the real deal Aussie or why you’d 
never care to live in bloody suburbia again 

© 10 August 2014, I. D. Carswell