25 October 2014

As If It Explains

A bit like saying - before you lose context, get used to 
this - you’re not the first; well golly - as if it is pertinent 
and explains the meaning of your predicament; every
darn thing seems to have exemplars somewhere - an 
out-of-role character making pithy observations you’d 
decided is a damn menace; so what if I’m not the 1st, 
it’s MY quandary isn’t it, I can view it however the hell 
I like - so we’ll leave it there, and move on, won’t we 

Or will we debate whether there is a debate to this, a 
free-range accusatory smorgasbord where we pick & 
choose gobbets of deranged delusion using them as 
clubs and spears to gain the upper hand; be clubbed 
or be dubbed, stands to reason that treasonous acts 
forsake this debacle’s simpering shebang of a wake 

While the nub of it stays deaf to fidelity’s ache … 

© 6 October 2014, I. D. Carswell