05 October 2014

Freed Of Veridical Doubt

Aljazeera doesn’t mix metaphors when presenting 
their version of the news - everything fits formulae 
in a Qatar-approved uncompromising view, - who 
or what matters - or how it is pretentiously offered 
unashamedly follows biassed ‘etiquette' you don't 
find in Western media; but that they can’t deviate 
defending Arabian-set bigotry doesn’t mean its all 
sham any less than Murdoch’s newsworthy scam 

Coz that’s where the standards were razed; but a 
panache of tidily-filmed Arabic demonstrations by 
large, well-drilled protestor assemblies sublimely 
acting roles, suggests their imagination is waived 
accountability; even badinage elongated to such 
limits becomes trite and banal, falling flat; which

May explain indiscretion funding by alma maters 
such - just from whom - and for what purpose to 
be newsworthy, & thus freed of veridical doubt 

© 9 September 2014, I. D. Carswell