03 October 2014


Not and never likely to be the complete load 
off your back but it eases the burden - that’s 
like wary hatchet-burying enough to please, 
a turn of phrase you understand without an 
oblique complicity of usual innuendo; not in 
anyone’s head so to speak - it becomes an 
importantly discrete way-point, a milestone 
ascribing sanity anew to this journey back 

Tension ebbs thru a touch of relief - humour 
sparkles cheeky again - if there is to be any  
incongruity it rests in not letting the past be 
freed of imagined guilt; there’s no ‘entity’ to 
contend less clandestine bytes whose size 
was selectively enhanced in your memory 

© 12 September 2014, I. D. Carswell