23 December 2014

Emotional Analogy

In a sense it was like watching a NRL grand 
final, say Bulldogs versus Rabbitos - not for 
the game of course, politic’s no sport nor its 
players more heroic than th’ chaff dispersed 
after a rubbish bag burst. I thought I saw an 
emotional analogy in ways victors & losers 
displayed their temperament, all that stuff of 
poseurs & pique combined into resignation 

So, ideas State elections must impose the 
same melodrama as a grand final’s context 
in the sporting arena has a way to go; - yet 
Victoria kicked out the Coalition - voted in a 
Labor government after only one term; and 
what does it say for the ‘game’ they play 

My best guess is the voters don’t care for a 
long-term argument of what’s entertaining - 
grand finals represent a season’s end, glory 
and strategy are thence theatrically rested; 
it moots making politicians accountable for 
doing their job - not playing that game 

© 2 December 2014. I. D. Carswell