26 May 2015

Bath Day

Bathing the dog isn’t an idyllic way to 
begin a Wednesday, but it’s become 
less a trial and more some fine ritual 
even Podge, who is usually tub-shy, 
will engage in with only a smidgin of 
canine recalcitrance; as he know’s it 
permits unrestricted petting access 
afterwards, he’s keen for rewards 

Yet in truth - tho’ clean, he’s still the 
same feral animal - just smells less 
raunchy-dog; - he shuns any ‘clean’ 
idea’s translation as good company 
but there he is, asleep next to me - 
and I haven’t smelt a reekin’ thing 

© 3 December 2014, I. D. Carswell