29 May 2015

Bogan Tattoos

NRL bans bogan tattoos - amazing; tho’ what in the name 
of common-sense is a bogan tattoo - and question hence-
forth on lips of non-sophisticates resonating plainly for the 
defence of untrammelled skin - at least in places the eyes 
cannot see; come to think of it - there’s similarity between 
Dugan & Bogan isn’t there; but then forever marking your 
skin with ineffaceable slogans to your boganess seems in 
keeping with litanies of ineffably displaced personalities 

Unless you’re of the ‘creed’ with to-boot ethnicity arranged 
around a family name recorded from history - or Warrior in 
abeyance mayhap, or keeping tradition recognisably alive 
in the time-honoured ways; but our wee mate Josh fails to 
really be anything but a pretentious dork effaced with ‘ink-
stain’ misanthropic affectations to egocentric contempt 
© 29 May 2015, I. D. Carswell