16 June 2015


So its somewhere between what you like to think 
of as esoterica and that important exotic bit which 
intervenes when the going gets far too mundane - 
but you’ve never played that scene anyway, its a 
boring character-choice avoided, & too dramatic 
for space outside any theatre, or say too drek to 
be restrained by good manners; so here we are - 
in pedantry’s alleyway, or nowhere in particular 

It’d never been a problem before today - at least 
you can say that for real, but being aware and in 
two minds of what it means is histrionics afoul & 
the dramas concealed; is this a new me for real 
or a just character one escapes into if the clash 
of arcane and faraway congeals materiality 

© 14 January 2015, I. D. Carswell