30 June 2015


Pensioner’s concession you ask while reaching for your 
card but she’s already rung the fare - $22.20 she says & 
indelibly you’re on the next leg of your journey home; its 
a Brisbane City Gold Coast express - meaning you’ve to 
change at Eagle Junction; checked that & yes, but that’s 
where comfort ends. Getting there to connect is only the 
beginning, the first train to Nambour left just as you leap
off the Airport line looking for it on platform four

At least the guy who tried to help, I only drive the bloody 
things he said, knew it might be four, or even three - I’m 
no scheduler, sorry, but we sorted it out for a 24 minute 
wait; now the irony is we’ll get there anyway, probably a 
wee bit late, say nearer 11 am, which is quite okay else 
there’d be a longer delay in picking up the ute probably 

As puzzling as it seems we’ve flown in from Newcastle 
where grandchildren were over-indulgent to excess, so 
we can excuse it as rest long overdue beggaring haste 
to get back to where all the melodramatics began, and 
that puts it mildly, but being so introspectively at peace 
again suggests it is worth the forbearance anyway 

© 27 January 2014, I. D. Carswell