04 June 2015


No, don't accuse me of prevarication - I’m 
sane & able to see reason, if its available, 
but a sanity obscured by your insuperable 
smoke-screen’s beyond me; you will play 
devil’s advocate raising Cain & thus it will
so be - shaking your head won’t clear the 
ear that doesn’t hear yet lets the lice free 
to reinfect elsewhere, but never upon me 

And so FIFA stays plagued with ills that in 
no way were caused by me; I say it with a
conscience clear the same generous way 
of any ‘helping’ in the past - declaring it’s 
been for the love of the game - was there 
lots of money; sure, as professional’s pay 

© 3 June 2014, I. D. Carswell