18 June 2015

Share The Solitude

The cows come by most days - they wander 
in about noon grazing new grass on beyond 
the eastern gate; this week they received an 
indolent bonus, long garden trimmings cast 
casually over the fence; been gazing at me 
pensively, but her ladyship is at work I say - 
so we share the solitude. Tuesday’s guests 
were two King Parrots who’d found our red 

Ziegler & Brown barbecue far too exciting to  
ignore, perched swinging where they’d be in 
an advantaged position but deplored peach 
diced for their indulgence; a solitary wallaby 
grazed languorously and waved, remaining 
stretched out nibbling the fresh grass 

Even Willie Wagtail querying who’s at home 
played on decency, flitting acrobatically with 
finesse upon a rotary clothesline such that it 
entertained - we’re privileged to see this yet 
it’s just the beginning, isn’t it; I guess we’re 
about to be presaged to engage in it 

© 8 January 2015, I. D. Carswell