04 August 2015

Radical Redemption

When advent of something you don’t approve 
within the meaning of your belief floods those 
same streets you parade in - what do you do; 
saying they’re reactionaries doesn’t excuse a 
suppurating breach too obvious to hide from - 
hanging your head in shame doesn’t reclaim 
the besmirched playing fields either; it needs 
something restoring truth and pride of place

Taking grim views of the ‘cliques’ responsible 
asks for vehemence more potent than merely 
loud condemnation - they’re used to violence 
instigating their case and need exposure for 
whom they are; no faith sees inhumane acts 
as pious and thus excusable divinations 

Claiming they are true of the faith wont make 
your belief any safer - unless ridding yourself 
of these calumnies shows your true place; by 
biding silence of the veil’s sanctimony, you’re 
actually turning a blind eye, and encouraging 
more of the same despicable defamation 
© & July 2015, I. D. Carswell