27 November 2015


Success is saying there’s no distress signal hanging 
under this flag - but we’re sceptical; as the denizens 
of verity it isn’t the bag, ok we allow leeway between 
the game played to the rules agreed, and measures 
deemed non-parochial interceding when ‘pressures’ 
get too intense - they didn’t event - it bests guesses 
why we need feel less than confident in an outcome 
that rests easy with the game players on any team 

And there’s the reason - we’re not playing whatever 
you call this incipient game, we simply see services 
delivered as guarantees; - & no matter how tame or 
trivial that operation is claimed, you get to log on for
your mail & hey, there’s 36 newbies today, no pesky 
waiting - all delivered okay, faultlessly to your inbox  

Meanwhile, lost in cyber space, we’re watching with 
amazement and a growing awe at blasé mien - they 
of course see only what they’re playing - it’s a given, 
like a freebie for the game, while we shake heads & 
disagree its there for the taking; we can’t believe all 
this goldurned angst came from merely succeeding 
© 11 June 2015, I. D. Carswell