19 February 2016

Birthday Girl

It isn’t just reaching retirement age is it, there’s 
wholesome feeling of making it & being in one 
piece, and in surviving myriads of celebrations 
along the way; 65 of ’em to be precise, and as 
they say, getting better yet - but here in a lime-
light expressed as presence of th’ nearest and 
dearest who lets ideas of ageing jaundice-test 
what we agree against future views yet to be 

Today is when we celebrate - tomorrow needs 
no clarification beyond the fact that free social 
calendars are binary blessings with schedules 
less evident than work as a topic banned from 
all conversation; won’t mention it again - & as 
I was saying - welcome to your kindest niche 
©19 November 2015, I. D. Carswell

For Helen’s 65th birthday - 19 Nov 2015