22 July 2016

Persian Fetta

Suggesting & without checking a Thesaurus that it’s 
been a good day takes th’ Mickey out of being blasé 
about what matters; well, we managed a BBQ, & for 
sure that’s easy only of you’ve been practising - and 
I’ll admit to it but th’ funky bit is Persian fetta with its 
compatibility for roast potato wedges; ok, chips, & if 
never tried - start learning - flavours send subliminal 
waves you either surf, or wonder if you are anyway 

In this case we’re not aloof; having ridden the beast 
th’ only proof necessary’s a sip of good red - slice of 
beautifully cooked pork medallion - doused with that 
mushroom sauce to-die-for - & the barbecue roasted
potato wedges with fetta, now, who’d ever need ask 
for more of a thing indisputably never bettered 
© 7 March 2016, I. D. Carswell