25 September 2016

Freed Of Reminders

And the question remains - what makes it a better 
choice; living cheek by jowl in the dewlap of those 
passions expressed as essential to being whom a 
trendsetter blessed as fashionable? Maybe, if you 
can find an untainted agreement freed th’ raucous 
controversy of contemporaneity; and yet we’d vex 
if we did unless we could see what we’re missing; 
not easy in an urbanity, the sigils are too potent a 

reminder we’re due on schedule somewhere else 
and there’s a tariff on status to pay as if for whom 
we need keep up these appearances-terms we’d 
agreed to maintain as necessary for a status quo, 
but if - and only if, it mattered more so than being 
freed of reminders we’d chosen to dwell within 
© 23 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

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