09 September 2016


Falling asleep in front of TV doesn’t necessarily 
mean what you think - there is more’n one idea 
beautifully explaining why of this shuteye case - 
and, I might add - is an inkling how selection of 
those lounge chairs was duly inspired; but, yes, 
sleeping thru re-run’s comes easier in reclining 
soft-leather chairs with footstool, and th’ woolly 
drape in pink, no less, wrapped casually round 

But I am also bound to tell the whole truth, and 
that places it in a different perspective - we are 
undisputedly reflective of our age and activities 
we engage in; tho’ not necessarily in consort, a 
solo-performance stage-set has consequences 
later in ways of requiting checks & balances on 
just where and when we sleep; watching rugby 
at 2 am extracts its early evening’s vengeance 
© 15 March 2016, I. D. Carswell